Heavy Spring Design & Development

Smart thinking for critically smarter functionality

Design support is the very first step our engineers take to ensure you achieve the optimum results for your product.

We help to ensure the product lifetime of your spring functionality, through our tested, recognised and reliable manufacturing processes, guaranteeing your products competitiveness and quality.

You know the life span of your product, the repetitiveness of the work function of the springs need and its finishing requirements. Our engineers assess your requirements, advising on design, material choice, surface treatment and our customer service teams even review the best packaging requirements, so that we can guarantee your spring is fit for purpose.

Our teams are experts in theoretical modelling, at assessing stress levels and evaluating creep or fatigue performances, delivering an exceptional design service.
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Our dedicated quality teams utilise numerous on site state-of-the-art product-specific testing facilities to assess quality and verify a product’s parameters.

Using dedicated spring design programs established through our membership of the Institute of Spring Technologies, and years of experience gained by our expert engineers, we pride ourselves on our quality and accuracy delivery.

Our ISO 9001 status requires regular quality and process audits ensuring our standards excel to meet your, and your products, exacting standards.

Design Optimisation

We can take your product and redesign it to enhance its performance. Through either reviewing its weight characteristics, exploring material choice advancements or increasing fatigue life. Our engineering teams are here to help you.

We are world-leading heavy spring manufacturers, delivering the greatest expertise in compression, torsion and tension spring manufacturing.

As market-leading solution providers, we specialise in spring components across multiple sectors, building the world’s infrastructure one spring at a time.

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