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Bespoke Heavy Duty Spring Manufacturers

Committed to excellence, reliability and customer service, we are dedicated to world-leading products, delivering trusted quality spring solutions.

Whether you are looking for a custom coil spring for an oil rig or a suspension spring for a vehicle, Lesjöfors’ expert engineers and designers can help.

Design support is the very first step our engineers take to ensure you achieve the optimum results for your custom spring. Our team of technical design and manufacturing experts ensure the product lifetime of your spring functionality through our tested, recognised and reliable manufacturing processes, guaranteeing your custom spring products competitiveness and quality.

Custom Coil Springs

Our compression springs, tension springs and torsion springs are bespoke to you, custom made springs designed and manufactured to your specifications.

Specialised spring manufacturing, requires a specialist customer service team and this is why our customers are assigned account managers with extensive experience across multiple industry sectors.

The Process of Ordering a Custom Coil Spring

We are dedicated to delivering engineering excellence with a quality personal service and want to ensure that your journey from enquiry through to coil spring manufacture to dispatch is simple, seamless and excels at securing the spring solution you require.

How to order bespoke spring process

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With a 170-year manufacturing legacy and state-of-the-art production and commercial infrastructure, we deliver a competitive environment dedicated to quality, accuracy and customer satisfaction, guaranteeing Lesjöfors Heavy Springs as the premium partner for your heavy-duty spring solutions.

Your Dedicated Account Manager

All our customers have dedicated account managers that oversee every step of the commercial and production process. Our team become an extension of your team, proactively positioned to understand and secure your requirements, to fast-track any urgent projects and to listen to your business needs.

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Why Choose Lesjöfors?

Industry Leading Turnaround Times & Competitive Prices

We continually invest in the best and can design, quote, manufacture and dispatch your product within industry leading turnaround times at competitive prices.

Low and High Volumes

From one to one million springs and beyond, there are no limits to the volume of spring manufacturing we offer.

Finished Goods Stock

We can help improve your supply chain and gain efficiencies through volume manufacture by stocking and storing your spring products. To discuss further, please contact your account manager or get in touch at

Packaging & Assembly

Require a certain type of freight, need your product packaged a specific way? Let us know how you would like your product packaged and our dispatch team will handle the rest.

What should I send in an email enquiry?

Any extra details in your initial enquiry are much appreciated. If you don’t know your exact spring specifications, we can arrange a free consultation with our technical team to discuss your project.

We have created a quick checklist to help you with your initial enquiry and please explore our spring terminology page which advises on common terms within the spring industry.

  1. The type of custom spring you require
  2. The spring material
  3. Any custom spring specifications or dimensions
  4. Quantity of custom springs
  5. Manufacturing process
  6. Material finish
  7. Time frame
  8. CAD or PDF drawings
  9. Submit your enquiry for a quotation or consultation and we will swiftly back to you.
  10. Thank you. We look forward to working with you.
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Questions to Ask Your Team

Do you have a CAD drawing?

If you already have a CAD or other drawing of your required custom coil spring, please email it to and upload your file as an attachment.

Do you need help from one of our custom spring designers?

Design development and support is the very first step our engineers take to ensure you achieve the optimum results for your product.

Do you need a coil spring consultation?

If you would like a spring consultation please feel free to get in touch. Our spring design engineers are able to advise on every stage of your spring projects development.

Do you have a required lead time?

On average 4-6 weeks but this can be affected by outside market factors affecting shipping and raw material access. We aim for 4-6 weeks.

Would you like a custom coil spring sample?

Our prototype and sample service enables us to create a precision spring solution that enables you to test the requirements of your product before going into production.

What spring material do I need?

Spring prototype development is key to a spring’s performance and success. Establishing the best engineering and material route for our customers’ metal springs delivers the quality we pride ourselves on and that our customers expect.

The most common metals used to make heavy duty springs include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Chrome Silicon
  • Nickel Alloy

The expertise of our experienced engineers is unmatched and they are available to advise on all material decisions. As part of a global network of spring engineering material scientists, you can guarantee that your metal spring will perform at peak with the right material for the right function.

Explore our materials

Technical Manufacturing

Lesjöfors Heavy Springs specialises in custom coil spring manufacturing. Our advanced spring manufacturing infrastructure features an extensive range of large-scale, high-end spring coiling machines across hot and cold coiling CNC machine technologies, manufacturing your quality springs to order.

Ongoing investment, backed by our parent company Lesjofors AB, enables us to not only continually invest in the best custom spring manufacturing processes but also ensures our competitiveness across the industry.

Explore our technologies

How do you measure a compression spring?

Using a caliper you will need to measure the following:

  • Wire Diameter
  • Outer Diameter
  • Free Length
  • Number of Coils

If you can, it would also be helpful to determine your coil spring wire type and material. You can also send a prototype spring to our engineers and they will be happy to do the calculations for you.

Talk to our engineers
Compression Spring Terminology and diagram showing measurements


Can You Help Me Design My Spring?

Yes! We specialise in this. Please visit our design and development page or get in touch via the contact us page.

Can You Paint Them Different Colours?

Yes. Our powder coating facilities are constantly expanding their capabilities. We can print product batch numbers on each spring too.

What is the Smallest Size of Spring You Can Manufacture?

3mm here but down to 0.03mm across the Lesjöfors Group – we’ll pass your enquiry on.

Do You Have Any Minimum or Maximum Batches?

We manufacture low and high-volume production numbers.

How Are the Springs Delivered?

We will work towards your project lead time and delivery preferences.

What is the Largest Size of Spring You Can Manufacture?

65mm wire diameter currently. However, we are always expanding our capabilities so please let us know what size you need and we’ll see if we can manufacture it for you.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for all your coil spring enquiries. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions.

Client Testimonials

"Working with the Lesjöfors team enabled us to not only design & develop a spring solution to suit our customer’s demands but also & most importantly, achieved the recognition of ‘type approved’ for the UK market."
Automotive Industry
"We can now work unhindered on the oil rig & the process has become even more efficient, thanks to Lesjöfors"
Oil & Gas Industry
"Spring material choice, design & layout are essential components in our industry & using the best quality materials is of the utmost importance. Working with Lesjöfors Heavy Springs enables us to achieve this quality."
Gymnastics industry

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Free Spring Consultations

Spring design and manufacture is at its most successful when we work in partnership with our customers. If you have a spring as part of your products functionality, come to us to discover the parameters of the applications of that spring and we’ll find solutions across every engineering aspect of your heavy coil spring requirement.

We are world-leading heavy duty spring manufacturers, delivering the greatest expertise in compression, torsion and tension spring manufacturing.

Delivering impact to every industry, we guarantee spring solutions that will optimise your performance and success.

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