"We can now work unhindered on the oil rig, the process has become even more efficient thanks to the design and to date no similar problems have occurred."

Project Overview

Drilling at sea is extreme enough but when drill bits hit particularly hard rock they can break, leading to a lengthy and costly process of replacement.

We were asked to develop a special tool that would reduce the load when the drill bit came into contact with hard rocks

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Key Highlights

Material Engineering

Problem Solving

High-QUality ENgineering


Design Criteria

What was the brief?
To develop a number of powerful heavy duty compression springs that overcame the drilling equipment’s extreme loading, whilst achieving optimum performance levels despite the applications extraordinary high temperatures.
What makes the project special?
When offshore drilling, the mechanical process of drilling beneath the seabed achieves exceptionally high temperatures as the drill bores down through rock formations. The extreme heat effects the properties of the compression spring and so we were tasked and delivered on the additional challenge of developing a spring material that could withstand the extreme temperature.
What did Lesjöfors Heavy Springs do?
Our material scientists are the industry experts in their field and working with our design engineers, identified the right material to achieve the success needed in the strict parameters given.  As a market leading heavy duty spring manufacturer, it is our responsibility to be able to access the broadest range of materials for the application required.  This is one of the reasons why we hold the largest stock of chrome silicon in the world.
What challenges did Lesjöfors Heavy Springs overcome?
Our ambition has always been to find the most efficient solution possible - both for us and our customers. It is essential that our solutions deliver the highest quality engineering with the right product for the right function at the right price and are delivered on time. The extremities of this project challenged our goals but we overcame them.


Large springs, using a wide wire diameter commonly seen across our oil and gas, mining and rail customers require a hot winding process as the extreme heat allows up to 65mm wire diameters to be coiled.

The process of heating up wire to approximately 900 degrees Celsius, quenching in oil and tempered to complete the heat treatment, allows the spring material to be coiled to the specifications required - more often than not for extreme environments for heavy industry applications.
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Due to the nature of the customers enquiry, a dedicated team from material scientists to geoscientists to engineers partnered together to deliver excellence and precision manufacturing.
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