Compression Springs

We are the experts in heavy-duty compression springs. We design, engineer and manufacture millions every year for every specification.

Compression springs, of every size, are widely used across multiple industries for a variety of applications.

We manufacture hot and cold coil springs up to 65mm wire diameter and our technology and unique infrastructure allows us to cold coil smaller compression springs starting at 3mm diameter.

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality springs for our customers, working closely with them to ensure our compression spring components achieve peak performance and success.

What are heavy-duty compression springs?

Heavy-duty compression springs are the strongest of the coil spring range. 

Designed and manufactured to manage the extreme demands of their application, our engineers evaluate the stress, temperature and corrosive risks that a product may endure during the bespoke design process and as such guarantee highly engineered heavy-duty compression springs delivering quality, endurance and accuracy.

We supply heavy-duty compression springs UK wide and across the world for industries ranging from energy, transport, mining, rail, construction, oil and gas, motorsport and many more.

How do compression springs work?

Compression springs have a unique design which means that their compressed helix shape allows them to resist compressive forces.

Applying a heavy load to the compression spring forces it to compress and condense, the wire spaces then reduce in size until the spring’s wire touches, reaching the spring's maximum compressed length.

The coils provide an opposing force when compressed - storing the force until it is released. Find out more about spring terminology.

Types of compression springs

There are many types of compression springs and our hot and cold coil spring manufacturing specialists are experts in the field of:

Straight coil springs 

The most popular compression spring with wire coiled at the same diameter throughout the length. Also known as parallel springs.

Convex springs

These compression springs have larger diameters in the middle than at the ends. These can also be called barrel springs.

Concave springs

With an hour glass shape with a smaller diameter coil in the middle, this symmetry allows the coil spring to be centrally located over a specific point.

Conical springs 

Conical springs are also known as a tapered spring, these compression springs are coiled in increasing or decreasing outer diameters providing an almost cone spring shape.

Variable PITCH spring

A spring with varied coil spacing, delivering varying coil heights across the coil springs length.

Banana spring 

Shaped as the name suggests and also called sideload springs, the shape counteracts lateral forces.

Compression spring manufacturing processes

Our sites feature the very latest advanced technologies in hot and cold coiling and we have recently invested over €1.25m euros in the world’s largest Wafios coiler.

Our investment in the most advanced spring manufacturing processes ensures our competitiveness across the compression springs industry.

Advanced CNC coiling and grinding machines deliver quality, accuracy, the best production run rates and efficiencies across an extensive wire range.

In-line shot peening facilities improve components shelf life and fatigue performances.

Large scale, fully automated powder coat lines offer a zinc phosphate coating option in advance of powder coating, delivering 1000 hours of corrosive salt spray resistance.

We can also print individual part numbers on products.

Our team of experts will consult at every key stage of the manufacturing process, collaborating with customers to ensure goals are met, targets are achieved and the product is dispatched within industry leading turnaround times at competitive prices.

Compression spring materials

There are four key components when considering a compression spring material - chemical composition, surface properties, tensile strength and size.

Compression spring material specifications cover a wide range from:

  • Carbon Spring Steel
  • Chrome Silicon
  • Chrome Vanadium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Titanium Alloys
  • Copper Alloys

Our conditioning processes; which include heat treatment, shot peening and pre-setting are adapted according to specific compression spring material requirements.

We offer a range of different surface treatments for corrosion resistance or aesthetics.

We also hold one of the largest global stocks of chrome silicon and chrome vanadium wire anywhere in the world so that we can meet the needs of our customers and deliver as a preferred spring supplier.

Please visit our materials page to discover more.

How to start designing a bespoke compression spring

Our design engineer's key role is to support you with your compression spring design. Solution providers, our innovative teams deliver exceptional engineering expertise, custom designing your spring to your specifications. To achieve the best results in developing your compression springs, our engineers ask a multitude of questions:

  • What are the spring dimensions required?
  • What force is required?
  • Can we find the maximum compression of the spring?
  • What is the expected working environment of the coil spring?
  • Does the spring require a constant or variable rate?
  • What is its expected spring fatigue life?

There are occasions where none of this is known, where customers are not sure of the parameters of their coil spring needs and that’s where our heavy duty compression spring engineers investigate further, discovering the customer’s compression spring purpose. In consultation with the customer, our coil spring engineers start looking at the history of the product, the story that has led to this point; piecing the jigsaw together to deliver the optimum spring for your needs. Compression spring design often goes through many cycles to guarantee the right design for the right purpose, often using prototypes and samples to test our designs. Our engineers are leaders in their field, ensuring the compression spring performance achieves maximum success for the customer.

What are compression springs used for?

A compression spring is used in any application that is required to store energy. Our heavy duty springs are widely used across the automotive, agriculture, fishing, mining, oil and gas, rail, energy and power generations, construction and motorsport industries. However, that’s not exclusive, our coil springs are used across many diverse sectors.

Springs are everywhere. As you read this, there will be dozens in the environment around you and you will very probably have encountered some of our heavy duty suspension springs on any transportation methods you used today. Air travel, land or sea, there will be a suspension spring at the heart of it and across many diverse sectors of the transport industry, even the vehicle parked at home contains car seat coil springs.

Compression spring FAQs

What are the strongest springs?

Compression springs manufactured from high-quality chrome silicon or chrome vanadium wire are the strongest springs. These steel alloys provide a chemical composition, surface property and tensile strength that when combined with spring size deliver outstandingly strong performance levels.

Do springs weaken under compression?

Springs do weaken under compression, over time. This is called relaxation and creep. Relaxation is when the stress level of the spring decreases over time at a constant deflection and thus loses force. Creep is when the spring loses length (increased deflection) at a constant force. This is time-dependent and can be predicted by our team.

How do I order a bespoke compression spring?

Speak to our experts on 01726 861444 or email We will talk you through every step of the process to ensure we maximise your spring application's success.

Do you require a compression spring? Get in touch and discover how we can help you. 

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Does your business require a different custom spring?

Lesjöfors Heavy Springs offers a consultancy service to discuss your heavy spring specifications - where our team will assist you with your engineering queries. Explore our Heavy Duty Extension Spring and Torsion Spring pages.

We are world-leading heavy duty spring manufacturers, delivering the greatest expertise in compression, torsion and tension spring manufacturing.

Delivering impact to every industry, we guarantee spring solutions that will optimise your performance and success.

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