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Sustainability Matters

Quality, the environment and sustainability are important focuses for Lesjöfors and we have an on-going programme of environmental monitoring and improvement processes.

Our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other international agreements and guidelines. To clarify our values for our employees, suppliers and customers, we have introduced a Code of Conduct, a Quality & Environment policy, a Conflict Minerals policy and a Sustainability report that describes how we take responsibility for the impact that our operations and products have on both the environment and society.

Lesjöfors and the entire Beijer Alma group have worked progressively with sustainability issues for many years. In fact, we take it so seriously, we have a Head of Sustainability to accelerate our sustainability implementation.

Anna Haesert, Lesjöfors Group Head of Sustainability, says:

“It is inevitable that industrial companies use a lot of energy. That is why the whole chain is important to review and streamline where we can. Our aim is to put effort into overseeing the entire value chain, which also will become an increasingly important customer requirement. A number of exciting environmental projects have already been completed, such as the biogas project in Lesjöfors Fjadrar and the solar cell park in Värnamo and we have a number of ongoing investments enhancing our sustainable manufacturing practices with digitisation and new technology streamlining operations.”

Key qualities that have made Lesjöfors market leaders:

High competence

Superior customer service

Cost effective production

Quality and Environmental Policy

Our ambition is to always deliver the highest quality products and services with as little environmental impact as possible.

To be able to achieve this, we:

Continuously follow up, re-examine and revalue our systems and set goals
Consider and evaluate quality and environmental aspects in all our processes 
Introduce continuous improvements at all levels 
Endeavour to prevent mistakes and shortcomings
Ensure we adhere and excel in following quality and environmental law
Increase expertise, awarenesses and understanding among our staff on a regular basis

"Sustainability is rapidly becoming more business critical and Lesjöfors has the ambition of being at the leading edge of this development. We understand the importance of being in a leading position to be an attractive partner for our customers. Our corporate culture is decentralized, and the role of the individual is key. A clear sustainability agenda is also decisive in attracting talent to our businesses. For us, it is therefore important to have clear goals and to proactively pursue sustainability issues in the Group."

Ola Tengroth, CEO of Lesjöfors Group


Our Code of Conduct focuses on three areas: People and society, the environment and ethics. It addresses our approach to suppliers, quality and product liability.

The Code outlines our efforts to create a sustainable value chain. While the Code itself provides support, impact is only achieved when it is applied in our daily operations.

Sustainability creates business opportunities. Within our group, the connection between successful business operations and corporate social responsibility is clear. In addition to contributing to a better world, our sustainability work creates new business opportunities, cuts costs, reduces risk and allows us to meet the demands and expectations of interested parts within and outside the Group.

Our work focuses on four target areas:

Sound business ethics with social commitment
More efficient use of resources
Reduced environmental impact
Safe and stimulating work environment

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Delivering impact to every industry, we guarantee spring solutions that will optimise your performance and success.

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