Heavy Duty Springs

As market leaders, we are the experts in heavy-duty coil springs, designing, engineering and manufacturing millions every year for every purpose.

With a 170-year manufacturing legacy and state-of-the-art production and commercial infrastructure, Lesjöfors Heavy Springs delivers a competitive environment dedicated to quality, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Our advanced hot and cold coiling technologies and manufacturing capabilities enable us to coil springs from 3mm to 65mm wire diameter. The expertise of our engineers across our global network of manufacturing sites offers a unique level of experience in the field of heavy duty springs, guaranteeing Lesjöfors Heavy Springs as the premium partner for your heavy duty spring solutions.

What are Heavy Duty Springs?

With wire coiling diameters of up to 65mm, heavy duty springs are the largest and strongest of the coil spring range and are designed and manufactured to manage the extreme demands of their application.

We are experts in custom heavy duty coil springs across compression springs, torsion springs and tension springs. Three types of springs that deliver different functionality across a variety of applications for multiple sectors.

With one of the largest global stocks of chrome silicon and chrome vanadium wire in the world, steel springs are available in a range of materials, and there are very few spring materials we can’t access or work with.

Your choice of spring materials is entirely governed by the application and function that your spring requires. Our engineers assess the stress, temperature and corrosive risks your product endures and advise and work with you to identify the suitable spring material for your heavy duty spring purpose.

Why use Lesjöfors Heavy Springs?

We are world leaders in heavy spring manufacture, delivering the greatest expertise in large diameter compression, torsion and tension spring manufacturing.

Market-leading solution providers we are committed to manufacturing excellence, reliability and customer service, specialising in heavy duty spring components across industries as varied as oil and gas, mining and crushing, agriculture, construction, energy, transport and power generation.

We know springs, we know spring materials and our unique global design, manufacturing and technological development network is dedicated to service, quality and accuracy, coiling wire from 3mm to 65mm in diameter.

From our prototyping and samples service and consultative design and development process through to our advanced CNC automated coilers and integrated production facilities, every step of your spring journey is monitored for effectiveness and competitiveness, ensuring you receive the right product and achieve the right results, at the right price.

Lesjöfors Heavy Springs thinks, makes and solves spring solutions, building the world’s infrastructure one spring at a time.

Types of Heavy Springs

There are many types of springs. Our field of specialism is dedicated to three different types of springs – compression springs, torsion springs and tension springs and within these three spring shapes, there is a number of different spring designs.

Heavy duty springs are available in a range of materials and our network of material warehouses offers a diverse range of metal spring material choices that can be identified either in consultation at the bespoke springs design stage or in consultation with a customer’s requirement.

Heavy Duty Compression Springs

The compression spring is widely used across multiple industries for a variety of applications. Their unique design means that their compressed helix shape allows them to resist compressive forces.

Our hot and cold coiling heavy duty compression springs UK, and Europe wide specialists are experts in the field of straight coil springs, convex springs, concave springs, conical springs, variable rate springs and banana springs.
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Heavy Duty Tension Springs

The tension spring, also known as an extension spring, is coiled together and designed to give a pull force through an end fitting or loop when extended.

Heavy duty tension springs are used worldwide across applications including garage doors, elevators, agriculture, plant machinery, construction, speciality equipment and trampolines.

Our teams of heavy duty extension springs engineers are available to consult on every element of the tension spring design, advising on maximum initial tension, material choices and end fittings and loops.

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Tension Spring characteristic infographic showing spring stretching

Heavy Duty Torsion Springs

The torsion spring is a coiled spring designed to have a rotational or twisting motion that exerts a force.

Manufactured from large wire sizes, our heavy-duty torsion springs can exert an exceptionally large amount of torque when pressure is placed on it. You will find our torsion springs in tail gates of heavy plant machinery and in a wealth of other applications.

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Heavy Duty Spring Manufacturing

As global spring suppliers, our heavy duty spring coiling equipment features the most advanced spring technologies, including the world's largest Wafios CNC cold coiling machine.

With manufacturing facilities in excess of 30,000 sqm across the UK and Europe, featuring the spring manufacturing industries most advanced CNC coilers, 3D scanners, robotic solutions, automation, shot peening, zinc phosphating and powder coating capabilities, we can offer a one stop shop manufacturing solution and customer service that guarantees our position as a leader in the manufacturer of springs.

Heavy Duty Spring Design

Spring engineering design is often led by force specification.

Through a consultative process with our engineers, we are able to calculate the spring specification for your product.

Our design engineer's key role is to support you with your compression spring design or tension and torsion spring design.

As solution providers, our innovative teams deliver exceptional engineering expertise, custom designing your spring to your specifications.  


What are the main types of springs?

There are three main types of springs which are compression, torsion and tension springs. In addition there are disc springs, wave springs, clock springs, volute springs power springs, constant force springs and garter springs.

What are most springs made of?

Springs can be manufactured from a range of materials but the most common metal spring in the heavy duty spring industry is chrome silicon due to its exceptional strength characteristics.

Can springs last forever?

Material choice and spring application effects long term durability. It is not impossible for a spring to last forever. However, its performance will be affected by age and fatigue.

What is the point of springs?

Springs perform an engineering function essential in the performance of millions of applications across the world.

What is the most robust spring?

Lesjöfors Heavy Springs manufacture the largest and strongest coil springs up to 65mm diameter and could claim to be the most robust spring – subject to spring type, material choice and operating function.

Are thicker springs better?

Spring engineering design calculates the right wire diameter for the right peak performance of a product specification. A thicker spring might be better for an application but is subject to that application’s need.

What springs do Lesjöfors Heavy Springs specialise in?

Heavy duty spring manufacture of compression springs, tension springs and torsion springs.

Do you sell pressings, stock springs or gas springs?

Our parent company does. We are a division of the spring powerhouse, Lesjöfors Group, which sell every spring, pressing and gas spring.

What is the difference between hot vs cold coiling?

The choice of a hot coil or cold coil is predominantly determined by the size of the wire needing to be coiled.


Heavy duty springs, using a wide wire diameter commonly seen across oil and gas, mining and rail sectors require a hot winding process as the extreme heat (up to 900 degrees celsius) allows large wire diameters to be coiled.


Commonly, the wire that has already been heat-treated is cold coiled as its material is already at peak strength, allowing for numerous coil spring functions.  Learn more about our processes on our spring terminology page.

What is the average lead time on bespoke springs?

Lesjöfors Heavy Springs can design, quote and manufacture products within industry-leading turnaround times at competitive prices. Please get in touch to discuss our lead times.

Is there a minimum amount of springs you have to order?

Our customer account teams will liaise on spring volumes. There is no minimum, but quantities are dependable on several factors. Please get in touch to discuss order volumes.

How much does a spring cost?

There is no fixed price as the cost depends on the material, quantity, engineering complexities and delivery timings. Please get in touch to discuss pricing

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"Spring material choice, design and layout are essential components in our industry and using the best quality materials is of the utmost importance.  Working with Lesjöfors Heavy Springs enables us to achieve this quality."
Gymnastics Industry
“Working with the Lesjöfors team enabled us to not only design and develop a spring solution to suit our customer’s demands but also and most importantly, achieved the recognition of ‘type approved for the UK market”
Automotive Industry
“We knew we had an incredible product & wanted to ensure the packaging achieved exceptional results too, and that’s when we discovered Lesjöfors. They understood exactly what we were looking for and were dedicated to achieving everything we wanted & wonderfully, have produced a stunning spring function that embodies our uniqueness.”
FMCG industry

We are world-leading heavy duty spring manufacturers, delivering the greatest expertise in compression, torsion and tension spring manufacturing.

Delivering impact to every industry, we guarantee spring solutions that will optimise your performance and success.

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