"This iconic piece of architecture, within its exceptional environment was a project everyone relished working on and we were delighted that our engineering excellence and precision manufacturing were chosen to solve the issue."

Project Overview

The Öresund Bridge is a rail and road bridge across the Öresund strait between Sweden and Denmark. In certain wind and temperature conditions, several of the cables on the suspension bridge would vibrate – which were felt by everyone using the road.

Engineers were concerned about the threat to the strength of the bridge and the long-term impact of the vibrations.

We were asked by the main contractor to solve the issue, creating a technical compression spring solution to remove the large vibrations felt by the road users.

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Key Highlights

Expert Engineering

Problem Solving


Technical Materials

Design Criteria

What was the brief?
We were tasked with creating a metal spring solution to remove the large vibrations felt by road users on the rail and road bridge across the Öresund strait.
What makes the project special?
Multiple departments across Lesjöfors expertly analysed the issue and after extensive testing and adjustments, we solved the issue with a number of dampers for the most exposed cables. It was also an honour to work on such an architectural icon.
What did Lesjöfors Heavy Springs do?
The developed dampers consisted of a tube that contained a compression spring and other engineered components. The heavy duty compression spring supported a movable weight (shaped like a piston) with the inclusion of an adjustable ring. The ring was then used to regulate the air flow on each side of the piston, for each separate cable. The dampers have been installed in pairs in the centre of the cables. Two of them have been equipped with laser gauges for monitoring and registration of piston movement. 
What Challenges did Lesjöfors Heavy Springs overcome?
Managing the vibrations on the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe with wind and temperature conditions effecting the results was a challenge the team raised to. Bright minds with bright ideas came together to solve the issue and today now delivers a smoother ride across one of the most beautiful bridges in the world.


When it comes to design, engineering and manufacturing of heavy duty compression springs, our three dedicated specialist factories in the UK, Sweden and Finland are the industry experts.

Advanced CNC coiling facilities across our infrastructure, manufacture hot and cold coil compression springs up to 65mm wire diameter.
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Working with the main contractor, we seamlessly synergised activities across all project platforms to ensure the spring solution delivered as required, within the time frame demanded. A success story bridging all departments.
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