1 August 2022

Heavy Springs at Valve World Expo

Come visit us!

Exhibiting with the entire world of valve technology under one roof, we will be making our coil spring debut at the international valve show in Düsseldorf from Tuesday 29 November – Thursday 1 December from 0900 - 1800 on stand 1E18.

Why are we there?

With a 170 year spring manufacturing legacy as part of the highly acclaimed Lesjöfors Group, our division is firmly established as a supplier to the valve industry.

As Michael Gibbs, chair of the division explains: “Our debut at www.valveworldexpo.com confirms the divisions commitment to the valve sector and allows an opportunity for our global manufacturing facilities to showcase their heavy duty spring capabilities under the newly launched umbrella of the Lesjofors Heavy Springs division.

"Our work within the oil and gas, water and power and industrial process sectors of the valve industry often goes unseen. With multi-million euro investments in the latest large spring advanced technologies across our plants, including the largest Wafios coiling machine in the world, and spring coil capabilities from 3mm to 65mm wire diameter using hot and cold coiling technologies, we are now well placed to highlight our expertise on the global platform of Valve World.”

New division, new brand

As well as introducing valve industry experts to our range of coil springs utilised across numerous valve and actuator applications, a new brand for the Lesjöfors Group will be launched alongside our extension springs, compression springs and torsion springs.

Meet the team

Our team of heavy duty compression spring, tension spring and torsion spring solution providers welcome seeing you. Our engineers and technicians will be on hand to consult on any design, material choice or surface treatment questions and behind them is a wealth of engineering expertise gained from decades of years in the spring engineering industry, making the Lesjöfors Heavy Springs division the leading manufacturer of heavy duty springs. With manufacturing facilities all over the world, we truly believe we have a global mind empowered by a local heart.

Where is it?

Messe Düsseldorf
D-40474 Düsseldorf
Am Staad (Stockumer Höfe)

Held at the vast international Messe Düsseldorf venue all the information on getting to the venue including public transport and hotel accommodation links can be found here

Want to go?

Meet us on our stand 1E18 by securing your free tickets here

We can’t wait to see you.

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